These 3 Government Sponsored "Thieves" will send naïve and unprepared investors to the poor-house (while "the insiders" count their money, sip champagne and buy new yachts)

Here's How Fat-Cat Bankers and Bureaucrats Will Steal $28,911.76 From You in 2013 and Keep Robbing You Until You're Broke, Angry and Forgotten in a Government-Run "Nursing Home"

But a little-known IRS Loophole can protect your family and
your retirement from oblivion, if you don't delay...

Dear Frustrated Citizen,

These days, doesn't it seem like everybody is reaching into your pocket to take your money?

You work hard to provide a living for your family. Yet, before you even see it, the government takes 23% of your paycheck to pay taxes.

Then, you get to pay big property tax bills for the right to own your own home.

When you go to the store, the government is waiting to take your money there too. 5-10% sales tax slapped on top of the clothes you're buying to dress your kids.

It's not surprising that you and millions of other Americans have put more than $14 trillion in retirement accounts to avoid paying taxes. (Do you see the ironic and dangerous parallel between the total Federal Deficit of $16 trillion and the nest-egg balance hardworking Americans have built up? More on that in a moment.)

But, since the day you put your first dollar into your 401(k) or IRA, thieves have been secretly pillaging it. Probably without your knowledge and certainly without your permission.

$28,911.76 out of a $200,000 account, year in and year out. For you, it may be even more.

How do they do it? By doing what they do best: DECEPTION and DECEIT. They've lied to you, pulled the sheet over your eyes and distracted you while they gleefully stole your hard-earned money.

Two of their "thieving strategies" have been in-place since retirement accounts were created.

But they are hard to see...because there is no check due each month and there is no income-killing deduction from your paycheck.

The current theft is so subtle that it's constantly mis-reported in the mainstream media. I'll explain more about that in a moment but there is a more urgent warning I need to share with you...

...these two thieving strategies are about to be joined by a 3rd. And the 3rd is the most dangerous of all.

In fact, I believe that the 3rd theft destroy more of your wealth in the next few years than the previous two have destroyed in the last 30 years combined.

The 3rd theft isn't far away. But you still have a little bit of time to prepare. Even better, you still have time to position yourself to profit when that day comes.

Before you can understand the 3rd theft, we need to talk about the first two thefts.

They're a powerful indicator of what's coming...

A recent study from the Society of Actuaries showed that retirees are already feeling the pain of inflation.

They listed inflation as the #1 risk to their retirement because they're living on a fixed income already.

Yet you're probably not worried yet. But you should be. Inflation is a huge cost and slowly strangles the wealth you've built over your life.

HIDDEN DANGER: Inflation Costs You $24,063.76 every year

You see, you're probably not worried because the government has lied to you. The symptoms of rapidly rising inflation are everywhere.

Governments around the world are racing to the bottom. They want to depreciate the Euro, the Dollar, and the Yen to save themselves and prop up the world economy. But every-time central bankers print money and kick the can down the road - they threaten your retirement.

In spite of the gradual rise in the stock markets, your assets lose more and more value every day. Each day, your retirement assets are losing their ability to provide for you in old age.

For example: if you think having $1 million is enough to retire on in 25're dead wrong.

Unfortunately, $1 million in 25 years will be the equivalent of $400,000 today. That's not nearly enough to live comfortably in retirement. And it's so dangerous because it seems so gradual.

The supply of gold and silver has barely kept up with demand.

You might think it's odd to worry about inflation when the government says inflation is only a modest 1.5% per year.

They're lying to you.

Look around, the prices of everyday goods are skyrocketing. Food prices are higher than they've ever been. Grains, chicken and beef have become 50% more expensive each year.

Remember when gasoline was less than a dollar a gallon. Compare that to the $3 per gallon it is now.

In fact, John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics tracks price increases for commodities, energy, food, precious metals and health care while removing the misleading statistics and "formula changes" made by the Department of Labor.

He puts the real rate of inflation at almost 10%. That means you'll need to save more than TRIPLE what you expected in order to have a safe and secure retirement.

Inflation will continue to deplete your retirement accounts as the U.S. dollar goes down the toilet due to the idiocy and greed of the Federal Reserve. In fact, central bankers are printing money like it's going out of style.

Steve Horwitz, professor at St. Lawrence University, says that the amount of money printed in the months following the 2008 economic crisis has been absolutely unprecedented in U.S. history. The monetary base, which is the measure of currency plus bank reserves, has nearly tripled from $850 billion to $2.6 trillion.

The Pew Research Center reports that, despite the economic recovery, consumer confidence remains fragile. An article in The Record says, "The nation's shaky economy has ...many baby boomers expecting to remain in the workforce into their 70s."

But, with the right investments in your IRA, you can protect your retirement and way of life from these destructive forces. You'll even be able to make back everything you've lost and then some.

Unfortunately, your current IRA doesn't allow you to maximize your profits in today's uncertain market.

But before we move on, let's talk about thief number 2.

Government-Backed Financial Monopolies and their Fat-Cat CEO'S Will Steal Over 30% from your Retirement Account

A recent report from Demos shows that over $121,200 of your retirement account will go to fees in the next 25 years. That's a ridiculous $4800 PER YEAR.


Isn't it grand that you get to pay these bad-men to LOSE your money?

On a $400,000 IRA, the financial oligarchs will take more than $120,000 from you. And that's not all.

The recently detailed the wealth-killing impact of long-term fees:

"A 25-year-old employee who currently has around $25,000 in his or her retirement account, and whose annual contributions (and employer matches) total only $2,500, in a plan that is allocated 80% to stocks and 20% to bonds, could forfeit more than $660,000 by age 65 - if the plan charges excess fees totaling just 1% a year."

You sure as heck didn't write a check for $660,000 to the fat-cat bankers. They just took it right out of your account.

And it gets worse. Your current IRA probably restricts what you can invest in. In fact, I bet your current IRA only lets you invest in stocks and bonds. Some IRA's are even worse, they only invest in "blue-chip" stocks.

And you pay these nitwits to make dumb investment decisions and lose your money. Painful isn't it?

Would you pay a stock-broker who would only let you buy the 30 stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, ignoring the other 15,000 publicly-traded companies? Of course not.

But that's exactly what people do with their IRA's.

The Entire Financial Industry is Getting Rich at Your Expense (and they think you're a "sucker" too)

This entire industry is getting rich at your expense.

They provide nothing real...just the same old investment products that rarely, if ever, can outperform the general market two years in a row.

There's no incentive for them to let you know about the gambles you take by stashing everything in the stock market. It may have been a bad year for your investment advisor after you lost 30%. But he still got paid his 1% fee.

It's a win-win scenario for the financial industry.

But you have everything to lose. Including your standard of living.

There are ways to fight back. Inflation and fees are two huge thieves.

Each can be dwarfed by the largest risk, which may be just around the corner...

Federal Bureaucrats May Seize Your Retirement Funds and Force You to Invest in Fiat Currency or Worthless Treasury Bonds

The national debt today is a staggering $16.3 trillion. In the past 34 years alone, our government added $78.24 trillion in new debt - nearly an 8doubling the deficits of all previous generations combined.0% rise.

Federal spending increased a record 29% during President Obama's first term. The government budget deficit is estimated to be $1.2 trillion.

"Total monetary and financial collapse of the massive government debt bubble is upon us, with devastating real-world consequences for your savings property values, investments, and other assets," says Robert Mundell, an economist at Columbia University. "We've never been in this unstable position in the entire currency history [of] 3,000 years."

Where can the federal government turn to for cash that can help it dig out of this hole?

How about your IRA?

Americans have $4 trillion saved in 401K plans and another $8 trillion in IRAs and pension plans, 95% of which are invested in the equity markets, mainly stocks and mutual funds.

If the U.S. government forces investors to invest 50% of their IRAs in government bonds, that would raise $6 trillion.

In fact, Congress has already once passed, and later rescinded, a 15% "excess retirement accumulations excise tax" on large retirement plans. Reviving that tax could bring the government a lot of money.

Unthinkable that the U.S. government would seize control of a portion of your IRA in this manner? Think again. It is happening all over the world, and the U.S. may soon follow suit.

How about this headline from January 2013?

U.S. Government Raids Pension Funds to Avoid Debt Default

The article continues to say:

This is not the first time the government has dipped into pension funds to pay for its overspending.

The Treasury has suspended reinvestments in the federal pension fund, aka the G Fund, six times over the past two decades in order to keep the country under the legal debt limit.

Eight countries have raided retirement plans since 2008, including France, Poland, Ireland, and Hungary.

Teresa Ghilarducci has proposed her plan to Congress, a 'Guaranteed Retirement Account', or GRA.

In her words "...a GRA will accumulate 5% of their paychecks in a GRA over their lifetime. The government would credit their accounts with 3% plus inflation... GRAs would provide a safe and secure retirement to 63 million people."

Of course, this is only coming up because the now 'in the red' Social Security system will no longer meet its purpose. So why not double down?

And the U.S. Government even has a model to follow.

Eight countries have raided retirement plans since 2008, including France, Poland, Ireland, and Hungary.

And more bad news: whenever a government has seized a portion of its citizens' money from retirement accounts, the stock market has plunged ... which would further drain wealth from your IRA.


As you see above, when Argentina moved $29 billion in public pensions into government accounts in 2008, their stock market lost 13% of its value.

And when Hungary required that private pensions invest in public debt in 2010, their market fell 14%.

Congressional deadlocks result in more spending and more deficits.

When the bill comes due, you must be sure your assets and investments are both prepared to profit.

Let me explain...

The problem with conventional IRAs - including Roth IRAs and even 'self directed IRAs' - is that they don't earn very much money, especially after fees (usually well hidden).

You see, the average IRA severely limits the funds, stocks, and other investments you can hold in your retirement account.

These choices are usually restricted to the mediocre, under-performing "house" investments - often second-rate mutual funds - managed by the plan sponsor for outrageous fees. You have likely been told at some point an annuity - the biggest money- maker for an adviser - is the right investment for you.

Under-publicized IRS loophole can make you rich

The good news is: there is a little-known loophole in the IRS code that allows you to create a special kind of IRA far different than the one offered by your broker or financial advisor.

Now investment editor and former fund manager Terry Coxon can show you how to own a new type of IRA with the potential to double or triple the gains in your retirement account - or even do better!

Any individual investor can set up one of these "special IRAs." You don't need to be a big institution or an ultra-wealthy investor.

And here's the key...

When you buy a conventional IRA, the account has a custodian - typically a brokerage, bank, or family of funds - that determines what investments can be made in your retirement account.

And of course, they restrict your IRA investments to their own crappy in-house products.

With this Special IRA, you are given individual signatory authority in a limited liability company.

This separates the historical dual role of the custodian as both the administrator and the money manager for your IRA.

So administration of your IRA is still handled by the custodian. But YOU have sole signatory authority over the money management. The investments you can make within your Individual Retirement Account are totally up to you - and limited mostly by your imagination and personal preferences.

Want safe, conservative investments? They're all yours for the choosing - including t-bills, bonds, and certificates of deposit.

On the other hand, if you want to double or triple the gains in your retirement account, you can invest in any promising vehicle under the sun - from owning real estate and small cap growth stocks to silver, oil wells, ETFs, and gold mines.

Now in Terry Coxon's exclusive Special Report, Unleash Your IRA, you will discover:

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About the Author
Terry Coxon

Terry Coxon holds a BA from Stanford University and an MA in economics from the University of California at Los Angeles.

He edited all the books written by the late Harry Browne from 1976 onward, including Harry Browne's Complete Guide to Swiss Banks. Mr. Coxon also edited all the issues of Harry Browne's Special Reports during its 20 years of publication. Terry is the author of Keep What You Earn, a 350-page guide to income tax, estate tax, asset protection, and portfolio planning for U.S. investors. With Harry Browne, he coauthored Inflation-Proofing Your Investments. He has also published articles in numerous financial newsletters.

Mr. Coxon founded and was president of Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds, an SEC registered family of mutual funds. Fund assets currently exceed $3 billion. In 1996 he designed and launched the Passport Financial Offshore Trust program, which for the first time made it easy and economical for U.S. investors to achieve the safety of a lawful offshore trust.

A frequent speaker at investment conferences, Mr. Coxon has drafted prospectuses for public companies and offering memoranda for private venture capital companies. He is a contributing editor to the financial publications of Casey Research.

Praise for
Terry Coxon

I've known Terry Coxon for over 30 years. He is not only extremely knowledgeable and innovative about all things financial, but thoughtful in their implications. Further, he has the full array of personal virtues like honesty and diligence. Put him on the top of your list of people you need to know."

--Doug Casey, author, Crisis Investing

"In the 30 years I have known and worked with him, Terry Coxon has been a Thomas Edison of financial planning, inventing and improving innovative and practical strategies for building and protecting wealth. Better, he is skilled at explaining his designs in language that is kind to the reader and affords a clear understanding of how they work and what the reader must do to obtain their benefit."

--Robert B. Martin Jr., attorney and certified specialist, taxation law, California Board of Legal Specialization

"For more than two decades, Terry Coxon has been a rich source of tax planning and asset protection solutions - powerful, practical ideas that he presents with clarity and precision."

--Ron Holland, author of Escape the Pension Trap


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How To Retire Comfortably - Now

You're probably going to live longer - a lot longer - than your parents and grandparents.

Over the last 100 years, the life expectancy at birth has gone up 28 years, from 49 to 77 years of age.

So it's more difficult than ever to accumulate enough money in a traditional IRA to make sure you don't outlive your retirement savings.

According to Kiplinger's Personal Finance, you need at least a million dollars to retire these days.

Most Americans don't have anywhere near that: the average retirement account balance in the U.S. for men and women ages 55 to 69 is a mere $42,500.


Even if you have a million dollars, stock market crashes, cyclical bear markets, and inflation can quickly cut your retirement nest egg down to size.

No wonder the Social Security Administration brags that 95% of Americans rely on Social Security - or other government programs -- to help them keep a roof over their heads in retirement!

Now, a million dollars is considered the bare minimum needed to retire comfortably - and some experts place that figure at three or four million.

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